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Paladin PvP guide

This guide is directed to new paladin players and is probably full of grammar errors and typos. So please don't mind if you find one. My English is not perfect.

1. Spec and Glyphs
- Specs
- Glyphs
2. Gearing
- Stats
- Gems
- Enchants
3. Macros
4. Keybinds
5. General
6. Addons

1. Spec and Glyphs


Spec for 2v2:

Assist your partner with constant exocrism spam and 40second cooldown stun.

Spec for 3v3:

Same as 2v2 but a bit more healing power instead of exocrism damage as you don't usually have time to cast exocrism.


Prime Glyphs:
Glyph of Seal of Insight
Glyph of Word of Glory
Glyph of Holy Shock

Major Glyphs:
Glyph of Turn Evil
Glyph of Cleansing
Glyph of Divine Plea

Minor Glyphs:
Glyph of Insight
Glyph of Blessing of Kings / Glyph of Blessing of Might
Glyph of Justice

This is the only logical glyph choice. Glyph of Divine Favor is decent glyph but in the end it gets dispelled really fast versus good players so its not worth it in my option.

2. Gearing

Stats: Int>Spirit>Resi>Crit>Haste>Stamina>Mastery

Its setup depended tho, if you feel like your not going oom ever you may want to trade some spirit for crit. Don't go for haste as you can't get it enough to make it worth it on this season. Mastery is the worst stat at the moment, don't ever go for mastery.

Full pvp gear is also recommended. You get focused often since paladins are really vulnerable to switches. Full geared paladin should have at least 3500 resilience.

Ember Shadowspirit Diamond: 54 int +2% Maxium Mana for meta socket
Brilliant Inferno Ruby : 40 int for red sockets
Purified Demonseye : 20 int / 20 spirit for blue sockets
Potent Ember Topaz : 20 int / 20 crit for yellow sockets
Every socket bonus in pvp set is worth taking

Head: 60int / 35resi
Shoulders: 50int / 25resi
Back: 50int
Chest: 40resi
Bracers: 50spirit
Gloves: 50haste
Legs: 95int / 55spirit OR 95int / 80sta
Feet: 30sta + minor speed
Shield: 40int
Weapon: Hearthsong (spirit proc)

3. Macros

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast Holy Shock
/cast [noharm,help] Righteous Defense
/stopmacro [harm] [noexists]
/cast Righteous Defense

Uses righteous defense at the same time with Holy Shock. Constantly taunting enemy pets to you. Including mirror images which breaks polymorphs really often.

#showtooltip Turn Evil
/targetexact Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Turn Evil

Fears gargoyle without targeting, may bug if there is 2 gargoyles up at the same time.

#showtooltip Turn Evil
/use [@arenapet1]Turn Evil
/use [@arenapet2]Turn Evil
/use [@arenapet3]Turn Evil
/use [@arenapet4]Turn Evil
/use [@arenapet5]Turn Evil
/use [@mouseover,harm][]Turn Evil

Fears enemy player's pet without targeting, may bug if there is more than 1pet in enemy team.

#showtooltip Blessing of Kings
/cast [target=player] Blessing of Kings

For easier rebuffing in middle of game.

#showtooltip Blessing of Might
/cast [target=player] Blessing of Might

Same as last one, but with might.

#showtooltip Rebuke
/cast [target=focus, exists] Rebuke

Uses Rebuke on focus target.

#showtooltip Hammer of Justice
/cast [target=focus, exists] hammer of justice; hammer of justice

Uses Hammer of Justice on focus target.

#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [target=XXXX,exists] cleanse

Replace XXXX with party1, party2 or player. Uses cleanse on selected player without targeting.

#showtooltip Hand of Freedom
/cast [target=XXXX,exists] Hand of Freedom

Replace XXXX with party1, party2 or player. Uses Hand of Freedom on selected player without targeting.

/cancelaura Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath

Uses Avenging Wrath on first click, cancels if clicked again. Useful against mage to prevent spell stealing.

/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea

Same as last one but with Divine Plea.

/cancelaura Divine Favor
/cast Divine Favor

Same as last one but with Divine Favor.

4. Keybinds

My keybinding is designed for 3v3 only since its the bracket I enjoy playing most. You'll do fine with it in 2s also but might have problem with dispelling in 5s.

And as other important note, I have moved my alt to my mouses side button when I ran out of keybindings. and moved my 0 to alt's place also. If you have ever felt that you are running out of keybindigs I recommend you to do the same, takes a bit training but it is definetely worth it. How to do this? Guide to Auto Hotkey:

Set Focus = shift + B

Target party1 = wheel up
Target party2 = wheel down
Target self = middle mouse

Dispell party1 = shift + wheel up
Dispell party2 = shift + wheel down
Dispell self = shift + middle mouse

Freedom party1 = ctrl + wheel up
Freedom party2 = ctrl + wheel down
Freedom self = ctrl + middle mouse

HoP party1 = alt + wheel up
HoP party2 = alt + wheel down
HoP self = alt + middle mouse

I recommend you to have target or mouseover dispell binded also. As I'm not big fan of mouseover I'm using target binds.

Screen shot to rest of my bindings you can find here:

5. General

Pillar and out of range is your best friend. Perfect possible positioning is that your team mates are in LoS but enemy player is out of Los. When your in out of LoS you have more time to heal and follow the game without having to worry about incoming cc's or interrupts. It also makes it harder to switch on you if your Los:ing enemys.

What to do when focused?
Use Divine Protection always when someone focuses you even a little. Try to run behind pillar with Holy radiance and freedom. Use HoJ if their healer is not in range / not in LoS. Best way to use heals when under pressure: 3HP Word of Glory > procced Divine light > Holy Shock > Flash of Light. Don't forget to fake cast, don't expect them to stop using interrupts when they are focusing you. Use healing cooldowns if nesseccary.

Refresh Beacon of Light on the nuketarget every time its dispelled.

Save Hand of Freedom for slows you can't dispell.

Tell your arena partners (especially if they are melee) to have remove Hand of protection and Remove Hand of Freedom binded. Helps if you just want to break stun or blind with HoP and so mages cant spellsteal your Hand of Freedom. My warrior removes Hand of Freedom instantly after I use it just so mage dont get out of slows.

You can use Hand of Freedom when cycloned.

Hand of Sacrifice breaks cc's like polymorph. But is good defensive cooldown also cause of 30% damage reduction.

A lot of DK damage comes from pet, fear it as much as you can.

Use Judgement at start of the match for extra haste.

Don't use trinket on CC your team mates can dispell.

Communicate, a lot. Tell when your about to use cooldowns and when your about to get crowd controlled. Communication is the way to success.

Judge shadowpriests mirror image thingys to proc crusader (300% more healing to next holy light).

Follow the game, believe me its the hardest thing to do atleast for new players.

Don't forget to use your cooldowns!

6. Addons

Uses the skill when button is pressed, instead of when it is released. It makes things a bit faster and helps alot when using skills like rebuke. I definetely recommend everyone to use this addon.

Easy way to target and track enemy team. Gladius tracks things like: Trinket cooldown, Diminishing returns, CC timers, Defensive cooldown durations and more. Its lot superior to default ui arena frames. You can also bind skills to gladius clicks for example: When you click someone with mouse 2 on gladius you will HoJ that target(Using this myself).

Tracks Enemy cooldowns.

Tracks interrupt and silence cooldowns, its simple and really useful.

Move anything
As the addon name says, you can move any frame in game with this addon. Moved my holy power bar to middle of screen. Some people might like to move unit frames to middle and so on. Good addon, try it.

Spell Alerter
It will flash in middle of screen telling who is casting and what he is casting. Helps with Los'ing cc, fake casting and dispelling team mates.


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