Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make Money Selling Flaming Boars

A flaming boar is one of the rarest hunter pets in the game. It's not particularly hard to get, but it usually requires a second person and can be a bit tricky. However, once you become a pro at it you could easily "sell" the boar to hunters and make 300G+ in a matter of minutes. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes to setup and you can sell it over and over again!

Preparation: All that you have to do is create a new Tauren character and complete the first 5-6 quests until you get to a quest named Feed of Evil. After that, have every buyer you find create
a macro that contains "/script PetAbandon()". That's it!

Procedure: Simply offer to sell a rare flaming boar in your city's trade channel and several hunters will PM you for more information. I personally charge 300G to help hunters tame the boar and I've had quite a few people agree.

The quest has you run to a boar pen and set a few boars on fire. All you have to do is have a hunter stand right on top of one of the food troughs and begin to tame a boar. After 5 seconds or so, use the torch which will set the boar on fire and he'll run around for a while. After you activate the torch, have the hunter spam the macro which will cause the boar to despawn the second he finishes taming the boar. If done correctly, it will look as if the flaming boar simply disappeared. After that, simply have the hunter log out and when he logs back in he should be able to call the flaming boar!

This can take a bit of practice and doesn't always work on the first try. I helped a few guildies get it today and 2 of them were able to get it within a minute but it took some people 2-10 minutes to tame it. If when they log on they don't have a boar, repeat the procedure a few more times. It helps if they have low latency and make sure they are spamming that macro.

This may not be the fastest way to make cash but it certainly is pretty easy!

Tips: There are times when the pet runs out of range when lit on fire. You can prevent this bu putting a freezing trap right on top of the trough.*If done correctly, you will not see the level up effect, the pet will simply disappear*The boar will die 6 seconds after activating the torch. Make sure you time it so tame pet is able to finish (10 second cast)

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